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    Quinto Sol Travel schedule is filled with exciting landmarks and activities for you to do and visit. From visiting artist and demonstrating their craft to eating at home restaurants with food made fresh everyday. You can find more details by clicking more info.

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    Depending on how many days you will stay, You will get to experiance different activies and landmarks. Here you will be able to find pricing for for travel insurance as well as pricing for the overall travel experience for Oaxaca, Mexico.

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    You can find our tips when you are out in Oaxaca here, as well as other information regarding a 24 hour physician and information for a US consulate office if needed.

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    About Us

    Quinto Sol is a family run travel group by a mother and son team (Gloria Reyes and Roger D. Reyes). We have been traveling for a while and enjoy exploring and trying new things. We have often discussed that we should try competing in the Amazing Race.


    Gloria has traveled extensively for the last 30 years. She has cruised the Yangtze River, visited China, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, Poland, Prague, Italy, Palermo, and, of course, Mexico almost annually. Mexico is one of the countries loved by Gloria for its people, archaeological sites, colonial towns, food and art. Mexico city, Puebla and the Valley of Oaxaca are rich with folklore, history, and talented people. In Oaxaca the colors of the Guelaguetza and the many festivals throughout the year make it a must see/visit; is a wonder of music, choreography and fun. She has experienced Day of the Dead many times. The Dia de Rabanos (Festival of the Radishes) is an evening of the talent being displayed in the Zocalo with one little vegetable - a radish.


    Roger has been traveling for a while now. He started at a young age. Mexico was a must to visit family and he knows Mexico rather well. Roger has also traveled to Oaxaca many times and it is one of his favorite cities to visit. Experiencing the mythology and “mitos” associated with the Day of the Dead is a moving experience.


    We welcome the opportunity to share Mexico (Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca) with you and what a better time to visit than the Day of Dead in Oaxaca. This holiday is rather sacred to Oaxaquenos because they look forward to visiting with their departed loved ones. The flowers are the dressing, but the food and items dear to their loved ones are necessary as are the candles. The candles will illuminate the way for their loved ones.


    Our itinerary is special, as we will visit artists in their homes and will spend quality time to help you digest the environment. Gloria will guide you throughout the entire trip, as she knows these artists personally and has purchased their art. Both Gloria and Roger are collectors of Mexican Folk Art.

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